Explorers Seminar Series: GIS Day

Thursday, November 19, 2015 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm
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Join us for an evening of GIS-related talks from scholars in a variety of disciplines. Free Molly's Cupcakes and lemonade will be served.


Dr. Elizabeth Ridder (Geographical and Sustainability Sciences)

This study shows how a series of aerial and ground-based photographs can be used to construct 3-D landscape and archaeological models of a Middle Cypriot (Bronze Age) site.  These models of Politiko-Troullia will provide a valuable look at village architecture and surrounding landscape, and act as a means of site preservation.


Rob Shepard (UI Libraries)

This talk takes a look at GIS applications in historical and contemporary humanities research. Emphasis on the use of visualization and analyses of spatiotemporal datasets for better communication and understanding of human culture.


James McGrath (Department of Anthropology)

Recent applications of digitally recorded spatial data have shown the utility of GIS-based model building and data analyses in archaeology. Here we illustrate this utility using a case study from the University of Iowa archaeological field school site, Woodpecker Cave.


Adam Skibbe  (Geographical and Sustainability Sciences)

Updates on GIS applications and technologies on campus.  Updates on several terrestrial LiDAR (3-D) scans done on and off campus including our very own Iowa Hall Museum.

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