"Broader Impacts" resources

The Museum of Natural History can help you develop "broader impacts" components for NSF and other grants proposals.  Some of our relevant activities include:

  • Developing K-12 programming through the "Night at the Museum" series, or through standalone events;
  • Helping researchers (faculty, staff, and students) present research to public audiences through lectures or as parts of larger events like the Iowa Climate Festival and Darwin Day;
  • Developing traveling teaching trunks including information about UI research projects;
  • Developing museum exhibits or exhibit components for display on campus, as traveling exhibits, or in the UI Mobile Museum;
  • Maintaining research collections that can be a place for you to deposit specimens.

If you're interested in working with us to add museum-based activities to your grant proposal, please approach us early so we have plenty of time to brainstorm, plan, develop, and budget for your ideas.  

To discuss ideas or find out more, contact Trina Roberts.