Kallam collection

The Kallam Collection consists of more than 700 stone tools collected in Tama County, Iowa between 1890-1895. Most of the material dates from the Archaic period: 8,500-800 BCE. The collection is unique in offering archaeologists a broad range of stone tools from a relatively small geographical area. Through such an index collection, archaeologists may trace the evolution of a culture through time, the way that different cultures adapt to the same environmental conditions, and how stone points are modified through resharpening and repairs to make other tools. Little is known about James Loren Kallam. It is believed that he was born in 1871, and enrolled in the University of Iowa in 1893, graduating in March 1895 with a Ph. G. in Pharmacy.The Kallam Collection shows the kinds of tools uncovered by early settlers with horse-drawn plows. Modern tractors typically nick and gouge large points and axes. The Kallam material is pristine.